Purinergic Memory

The environmental factors are constantly fluctuating. Therefore, in order for the trees to survive, they have to use their own pathways in acclimating to the ups and downs. Humans have to also apply their systemic skills to adapt to the changes during low oxygen levels or they can always accept the hypoxic danger. The oxygenRead more

Non-A, Non-B Hepatitis: Hepatitis C Virus

Many viruses have the ability to infect humans through blood contact and cause different types of diseases. One of these viruses, is the hepatitis C virus (HCV) which is transmitted through the use of contaminated syringes and needles and high-risk sexual behavior. As of today, the suffering from chronic hepatitis is surrounding the planet andRead more

The Evolution of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

I was running my eyes up and down on the 2016 projects and I acknowledged that someone has already done research on Tuberculosis. So, I am doing Hepatitis C Virus instead and I will be discussing many important and interesting topics relating to this field including the current disease state, treatment, and the future advancements.Read more

The Role of the Snail-PFKP axis

Cancer cells continue to trick mammalians and seek immortality. Although, cancer cells tend to use glucose during aerobic glycolysis to provide the building blocks, the case is different under metabolic stress. The glucose flux is being directed to go through the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) for the generation of NADPH instead of going through aerobicRead more

Tuberculosis or Atherosclerosis or Hepatitis C

After brainstorming for few minutes, I decided to step away from randomness. So, I have picked three diseases that were somehow popular in my time. Before I started working at the hospital, I was asked to get tested for TB. The first few seconds I was trying to overcome the image of the needle inRead more


The accumulation or absence of endothelial cells causes angiogenesis to form or deform. Endothelial cells have to migrate and proliferate in order to form the blood vessels. The proliferation but not the migration is empowered by numerous crucial steps and in this research paper by Schoors, et al. explores the ambiguity of such cellular formation.Read more

A Biochemistry Experience

The one of many reasons to why we study biochemistry is to expand our understanding of the chemical processes that are taking place within the living systems. There is a big hope that this understanding will one day help us treat any pre- or post-existing body damages. By knowing the entire map within a body,Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!Read more